An Invitation

United Women in Faith

UWF UMW Invitation to the Young Women of NUMC (a fluid set of ages around 30-55)

United Women in Faith invites all women of NUMC to join together for supporting women and children and youth today. Several of us enjoy a special fellowship with women who have like interests and expectations. The United Women in Faith of NUMC Executive Board would like to help younger women to form your own group centered around your needs and interests. I, Catherine, have talked to a couple of you who have expressed an interest in meeting at a time when you would be naturally gathered together.

UWF Website: “We believe love in action can change the world.” (But maybe you are interested in influencing change in just your home and/or the community of Northfield or Minnesota.) “We’re a sisterhood acting in faith to tackle the hard work of the world (around us) without hesitation.”

Maybe you just need a chance to join in conversation with other women. The time can be filled and shaped as you need it to be. The United Women in Faith Board here at Northfield UMC invite you to join in a young women’s group that could meet once a month during a time most convenient for you. Betsy Peterson has said she would be interested in such focused gatherings during this next year. Are there any of you interested in joining her and others in this endeavor?

There are ways you can help with mission here at church, in the community, the state and beyond. Mission sewing, Midwest Mission Distribution Center activities, Emma Norton Services events and others are some we can set up for an evening. TED Talks or United Women Faith Talks can be scheduled for viewing and discussing.

The time is yours and can be shaped as you need it to be shaped. Are you ready to meet the challenge? Are you ready to join Betsy and others, to do God’s work?

Join us in January for a “New Year/New Vision Celebration”. More specific information to follow. Submitted by Catherine Williams, United Women in Faith of NUMC President