Mission Sewing Project

spools of thread and quilt

On November 19th, Mission Sewing presented Pastor Jerad with a Happy Hearts Quilt to be given to the Refugee Resettlement Project.

Mission Quilts also donated 30 quilts to Operation Joy.

We are working on items to donate to the Midwest Distribution Center. We will give more information about these items in the next newsletter.

Mission Sewing wants to thank everyone who helped us meet our goals this year: Peg Jones, Thalia Duffield, Connie Hehling, Ilsa Jones, Peg Jennings, Ruth Paulson, Jane Skluzacek, Marge Randolph, Ann Richards, Linda Davis, Catherine Williams, Martha Waddell, Kathy Lillevold, Mary Twitchell, Karen Groth, Merrell Thorton, Darlene Cox, Dorothy Orde.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 24th to tie quilts and discuss projects for 2024. We meet at 9AM in Room 120.