Our Bethlehem Family

Northfield UMC began a one year sponsorship of a needy family in Bethlehem. Palestine in September of 2013.   The family sponsorships are a project of the Shepherd Society, which is an outreach program of Bethlehem Bible College. Both the Shepherd Society and Bethlehem Bible College are projects (Advances) of the global United Methodist Church.

Our Bethlehem family consists of five people: the mother, Marilyn, daughters Joleen (20), and Nisreen (18), sons Nicolas(12) and Fadi (10).   The father died suddenly, and the family is now struggling to live on little income.  Marilyn operates a small bakery that the Shepherd Society has helped to start with a micro business loan, to provide ongoing income.  As yet, the business does not make enough money to support the family.  Because of this she is indebted to the utility companies.  By sponsoring this family, we will help them meet the basic survival needs of rent, food, water, clothing, electricity, etc. and the educational needs of the children. 

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