Getting Through the Holidays

Christmas Candles

As we prepare for the holidays, we are often overcome by the stresses of the season.

This can be especially true if we are overwhelmed by sadness as we grieve the loss of a loved one. This list is meant to assist you with the many decisions that have to be made at this time of year. These are only suggestions; there are no right or wrong choices. Our faith allows us to trust that through God’s healing touch, Christmases yet to come will once again be filled with hope. May God hold you in love and peace this holiday season. (Information shared by Nancy Ludescher, Parish Nurse)


Shop as usual
Give cash gifts
Give gift certificates
Shop through catalogs
Ask a friend to help
Shop early
Make your gifts
Give baked goods
Give fruit baskets or flowers
Ask for help wrapping gifts
Do not exchange gifts now but perhaps later

Christmas Cards:

Send out cards as usual
Shorten your card list
Include a handwritten Christmas letter
Include a copied letter
Elect to skip sending cards this year


Decorate as usual
Decorate on a smaller scale
Ask for help decorating
Make changes in types of decorations
Display special decorations, ornaments etc., in memory of your loved one
Eliminate a tree this year

Christmas Music:

Enjoy as usual
Avoid turning on the radio
Listen to it, have a good cry, and allow yourself to feel sad or happy


Keep the same traditions
Attend holiday parties
Don’t attend holiday parties
Go to an entirely new place
Bake usual holiday cookies & candies
Purchase cookies & candies
Attend a religious service
Call a friend to attend church with you
Spend quiet time alone
Visit the cemetery
Open gifts a different day or time

Visiting the Cemetery

Visit the grave of a loved one during the holidays
Do not visit the grave site
Decorate the grave site
Do not decorate the grave site
Leave flowers at the grave

Holiday Meals:

Prepare the usual holiday meal
Prepare an unusual holiday meal
Go out for your meal
Invite friends over
Eat alone
Change the time of the meal
Change the location of the meal
Ask for help

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day:

Spend the day as usual
Remove the holiday decorations early
Go out of town
Avoid New Year’s parties
Have a New Year’s party
Spend time with new friends
Go to a movie
Go to bed early
Write in your journal your hopes for the New Year

“Wait for the Lord; be strong, take heart and wait for the Lord”
Psalm 27:14