Heart with words

Look what our $1,700 donation to the Shepherd Society has helped accomplish! (This donation was from funds raised at our Palestine Dinner last fall.)

Dear Friends of Shepherd Society

It has been a very busy month. Most of the work of the Shepherd Society has tripled and all as a result of this awful situation in Palestine especially in Gaza. The need is great and the beacon of hope has become so far away from us. Yet despite the despair, we through the Shepherd Society try to bring hope to the area. So far we have had many great achievements through the support of you, our friends, and donors. I am thankful for many of you who stood in solidarity with us.



1. 1000 food meals for individuals in Gaza.

2. Food support to the people who reside in the two churches in Gaza

3. Buying fuel (very limited amount available)

4. Medical support to Gaza (limited)

5. Support to the Anglican Hospital “Al Ahli” through the Jerusalem Office.

6. Personal needs through partners and volunteers by providing cash and other needs.


1. 250 medical cases covered

2. 750 food packages

3. 120 job opportunities for the people who were affected by the war.

4. Family to Family support for beneficiaries who are below the poverty level.

5. A basketball tournament to raise money for the people of Gaza and also to be in solidarity with those who are suffering, especially children – women, and families in General.

The MICAH Team is thankful to the NUMC Board for passing and adopting the United Women of Faith’s Call for a ceasefire in Gaza. (See this UWF call in the February Herald)

The Archbishop of Canterbury said on Feb 12 that the call for a cease-fire is "a moral cry for humanity," as he urged that the killings in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict "must" stop.

The 2024 World Day of Prayer on Friday March 1st will be led by Christian women of Palestine. This program calls us to bear with each other in love, despite all difficulties and oppression. The program was written by a group of ecumenical Christian Palestinian women in response to the passage from Ephesians 4:1-7. We reflected collectively on this theme from the context of our suffering as Palestinian Christian women. We hope to inspire other women around the world to bear with one another in love during troubled times. Oakwood United Methodist Church in New Ulm is holding a live service.