Olive Tree Planting in Palestine

A Palestinian, a Northfielder, and an Israeli planting an olive tree in Palestine.

Here in Minnesota we still have heavy snow cover and it will be a while before we get serious about planting trees and starting gardens. However, in March in Palestine it is time to plant Olive saplings. Over 9,000 established olive trees were destroyed, mostly by illegal settlement expansion in the last year alone. Once planted, the saplings take 5 years to start producing and 20 years to mature.

We can help Palestinians replant trees by purchasing 3 trees for $20.00. A special envelope is in the church office for your donation.

The oldest olive trees are located in Palestine and date back 4,000 years. They are tough and resilient trees- much like the people of Palestine. The highest quality oil, golden green, from the Naball olive is produced here. At least 100,000 families rely on olive harvests for support. We can help that support by purchasing trees and oil.