A Message From Palestine

Jerusalem image

Dear Ann Richards,

It's my pleasure to hear from you. I hope this finds you well, the situation here in Palestine is running very serious and numbers of infected people are getting higher everyday. Which makes it hard for me to work regularly because sometimes there is lockdowns and the economical situation of people is getting worse that's why the demands on my products decreases.

About my children, both of them are university students. And I am very proud of their achievements. But every semester we struggle to pay the fees. I hope you can help me to find a sponsor to let them pursue their studies.

My work is barely enough for our daily needs and they couldn't find a job due to the pandemic. I always thank God for granting me and my family with good health.

Remember us in your prayers may God vanish away the burdens that his people is facing.

Happy Thanks Giving.

Please find attached photo of my family.