ISAIAH - End of Legislative Session

woman with gavel

The Minnesota legislative session is rapidly coming to a close. Legislators have been working long days – sometimes from 9 in the morning until 10 at night! Some single-issue bills are still being considered, but many issues are being combined into omnibus bills while others, in which House and Senate versions differ, are being negotiated in committees of representatives from both houses. The final day of the session is May 20.

ISAIAH advocates have been working hard to get positive action on its priorities. There have been some successes and some disappointments. Where there was a success, we will propose a further step towards justice in 2025. Where a proposal has languished, we will try again next year. Proposals that do not require major funds have had the most success.

• While a next step toward the Minnesota Care Public Option has stalled, a Commission for Equitable Health Care Service bill, to assess access to care, is still in process.

• Voting rights and access bills have had good support, but support for child care improvements have stalled.

• Geo-thermal energy community network pilots are likely, but action on affordable housing solutions are not likely.

• A Medical Debt Fairness Act – to lessen the impact of medical debt on credit ratings, access the care, and wage garnishment – is still under consideration.

Join other United Methodists and people of other faiths in work for economic and racial justice and for a caring economy. For more information and to join in the advocacy work through the NUMC team of ISAIAH-MN, contact Evelyn Burry, 507-581-4684.