ISAIAH Has A Vision


ISAIAH has a vision of our state – a place where everyone’s dignity is honored, a caring economy that allows everyone to thrive, a climate future that nurtures all of creation.

This month is a busy time for our state legislators and thus for ISAIAH. Legislative committees are holding hearings; ISAIAH-NUMC team members are learning about ISAIAH’s top five proposals:

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave
  • 100% Clean Energy by 2040
  • Child Care
  • Democracy – restore the vote and automatic voter registration
  • Budgeting for Equity

The secondary priorities include:

  • Driver Licenses for All
  • MN Care Buy-in
  • Transit Funding
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Education Funding
  • Public Safety

The legislature is positioned this year to make positive gains on all of these, but they need to be bolstered in their work by hearing from us, their constituents. When we thank them for supporting a proposal, they are energized to stay committed. If they are waffling or opposing a proposal, our task is to explain to them how the changes would impact our lives positively. Your story may be the one that brings a change of heart.

Act now! Be in touch with your legislators about the proposals that matter the most to you. Their contact information is at this web address: Just enter your address and click. Your legislators’ names appear; click the “contact” bar and get all the details you need.

Want to learn more? Each Tuesday evening during the session, at 6 until 7, several legislators meet with ISAIAH supporters via Zoom – letting us know what is happening in the committees and full sessions. We find out how to be supportive. If you need a registration link, contact Evelyn Burry. Also contact her to be added to the ISAIAH-NUMC action alerts email list. (, or 507-645-7481)