Dismantling Racism Team (DRT)

aerial view of neighborhood

Many residents of Viking Terrace manufactured home park are struggling to stay in their homes in the face of rising lot rental fees imposed by their corporate landlord, Lakeshore Management. Since acquiring the park in April 2022, Lakeshore has increased the rent amount by 30%. As a show of support for legal action recently initiated by some of the residents, Pastor Rachel and other Northfield leaders have planned a prayer walk at 1:00 pm on November 19. This event, held on the grounds of Viking Terrace, is a way for faith communities to come alongside the residents, some of whom have already faced eviction. We also have beloved members of our own NUMC church family in VT, and we always have. We hope to have a strong showing from Northfield UMC for the prayer walk. Please join us in this tangible opportunity to “walk the walk” and show your love of neighbor.

If you’re interested in learning more about the events that have unfolded at Viking Terrace over the past eighteen months, as well as at other manufactured home parks in Minnesota, we recommend the podcast called Not Mobile. Written and recorded by Cait Kelley, a local young person working for KYMN News at the time, the three-part podcast “highlights the residents, lawyers, community leaders, and local and state officials who are fighting back against Lakeshore and fighting for the right of everyone to have a safe, affordable community to call home.” 

Finally, we have a new way to support our Latino neighbors, wherever they may live in the Northfield area - soon we will be able to patronize the Mercado Local, which, according to a September 27th Northfield News article written by Mar Valdecantos, will soon be opening a storefront location at 108 Fifth Street E. The Mercado Local, with support from the nonprofit Rice County Neighbors United/Vecinxs Unidxs, serves as a hub for Hispanic businesses “to showcase their art, crafts, creations, and artisan products from their respective countries.”