As we start the new year

For many of us the beginning of September feels more like a new year than the beginning of January, so it is a great time for making a fresh start! As this new church school year begins, we encourage you to make a new and renewed commitment to “avail yourself of the means of grace.” This is the language of John Wesley, the spiritual founder of the Methodist movement. To avail ourselves of the means of grace means to place ourselves in places, settings and attitudes that make it possible for us to turn our hearts towards God, experience God’s Word, and live out the values of God’s kingdom. That means regularly participating in the worship of God’s people, reading and studying God’s Word in scripture, celebrating communion, cultivating our prayer life, gathering with other people of faith for friendship, support and encouragement, and sharing the good news of God’s love and grace through our gifts and service to others. 

As we start up a new fall season of worship, Sunday school, fellowship, Super Wednesdays, . . . let us all recommit ourselves and our families to avail ourselves of the means of grace and to become a means of grace to others, too.