October 2012 Work of Piety

October Work of Piety


As we move through what at times is a contentious political season, we invite you to keep the following in mind:


Eight Principles of Holy Conferencing

Bishop Sally Dyck

former Bishop of the Minnesota Annual Conference


“Holy conferencing” is what we call the spirit and principles that guide us to be caring in our conversations—that is what makes them holy. Based on the premise that how we talk to and about each other is as important as the decisions we make together, holy conferencing calls forth deep spiritual maturity from each of us. That is what helps us to relate to and even love one another in spite of our differences...

These guidelines or principles can be used anywhere, at any time. They can strengthen our relationships with others wherever we find ourselves gathered in conversation. Wherever two or three are gathered—whether in our homes or our church—there are bound to be two or three different viewpoints!

We invite you to keep these eight principles in mind:


1. Every person is a child of God

2. Listen before speaking

3. Strive to understand from another’s point of view

4. Strive to reflect accurately the views of others

5. Disagree without being disagreeable

6. Speak about issues; do not defame people

7. Pray, in silence or aloud, before decisions.

8. Let prayer interrupt your busy-ness


For a more detailed study of these eight principles you can download the following document from the Minnesota Annual Conference Website:


Eight Principles for Holy Conferencing:  A Study Guide for Churches and Groups,https://www.minnesotaumc.org/assets/uploads/documents/Holy_Conferencing_Study_Guide_2012.pdf