8:30 Holy Listening

8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

The NUMC Care Ministry Team invites you to attend a Congregational Care Seminar on “Holy Listening” on Saturday, April 7th from 8:30-11:30 am. We are offering this opportunity to all who wish to explore ways to listen more deeply to each other, as we consider ways to expand our ministry of Care and Connection within our congregation. This is for people discerning whether to become a volunteer visitor, but is also for anyone to become a better caring person.  Attendance does not obligate anyone to join Care Ministries.  Rev. Cooper Wiggen, retired UMC pastor, will facilitate a morning of “Holy Listening”, teaching us how to enhance our capacity to listen to the Holy, to each other and to ourselves.  The art of compassionate listening offers to another the gift of being truly heard, so becomes a transformative experience for all involved.  The seminar will be interactive and informative.  Please register by March 31st with Ruth Kruse at ruthakruse@gmail.com.  Coffee and treats will be served.  If you have questions, please ask a member of the Care Ministry Team:  Reggie Fineran, Ruth Sommers, Ruth Kruse, Clare Mather, Marge Randolph, Mary Lynn Oglesbee.