Arturo Rosas Avila - Custodian

Arturo is born and raised in the sunny state of Veracruz, Mexico.  Arturo comes from a family of 12 brothers and sisters. Arturo's mother of 83 is still alive.  Arturo has been back to Mexico only once in 20 years.  Arturo prays and hopes one day to be economically stable to visit Mexico and to be able to take all of us with him.  Arturo immigrated to the US in 1998 and moved to a small town of Maple Island, MN.  Arturo and I meet a year later.  We have 4 daughters ages 18, 13, 9, and 1.  Arturo has a son (35) who lives here in Northfield and a daughter (36) who lives in Mexico.  Arturo has 4 grandchildren who vary in ages.  Arturo is blessed to have 2 of his grandchildren who live here in Northfield a grandson of 13 and a granddaughter of 10. Arturo also has 2 granddaughters in Mexico ages10 and 5.  He has yet to meet and know the 5 year old. Our family moved to Dundas in 2001.  At this current time we are preparing ourselves as a household and as new parents seeing off our first college student (bittersweet).   Arturo hopes to learn more peoples names as he continues to work at Northfield UMC.  He hopes people will come up to him and say hi. Arturo's English is not perfect but he tries hard to communicate and to make new friends.  Arturo's hobbies include bonfires, fishing, walking, soccer, and finishing our unfinished basement.   Arturo is thankful for this new job opportunity at the Northfield UMC.