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Date Date Title Title Subject or Topic Speaker
February 19, 2017 Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany What did Jesus do? Luke 8:22-25 Rachel Morey
February 5, 2017 Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany You who are thirsty Luke 9:10-17 Rachel Morey
January 29, 2017 Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany Hard Teachings Luke 11:37-52, 12:22-34 Rachel Morey
January 22, 2017 Third Sunday after the Epiphany The rich young man Jerad Morey
January 15, 2017 Second Sunday after the Epiphany Hard Teachings Mark 3:28-29 Rachel Morey
January 8, 2017 First Sunday after the Epiphany What did he say? Matthew 15:21-28 Rachel Morey
December 24, 2016 Christmas Eve Merry Christmas Rachel Morey
December 18, 2016 Fourth Sunday of Advent He comes as a king Matthew 2:19-23 Rachel Morey
December 11, 2016 Third Sunday of Advent He comes to wake us up Matthew 1:18-25 Cynthia Williams
December 4, 2016 Second Sunday of Advent He comes as a priest Mathew 4:12-17 Jerad Morey
November 27, 2016 First Sunday of Advent He comes as a prophet Matthew 3:1-12 Rachel Morey
November 20, 2016 Last Sunday after Pentecost: Christ the King The Covenant with David 2 Samuel 7 Rachel Morey
November 13, 2016 Twenty Sixth Sunday after Pentecost The Covenant of Moses Exodus 19:1-9, 20:1-21 Rachel Morey
November 6, 2016 Twenty Fifth Sunday after Pentecost The Covenant With Abraham Genesis 17:1-8 Jerad Morey
October 30, 2016 All Saints Sunday This is the sign Genesis 9:1-17 Rachel Morey
October 23, 2016 Twenty Third Sunday after Pentecost My name shall be there 1 Kings 8:22-30, Acts 2:14-21 Bruce Ough
October 16, 2016 Twenty Second Sunday after Pentecost Where are you? Genesis 3:8-24 Rachel Morey
October 9, 2016 Twenty First Sunday after Pentecost Their eyes were opened Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7 Rachel Morey
October 2, 2016 Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost The Breath of Life Genesis 2:4-7 Jerad Morey
September 25, 2016 Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost And God rested Genesis 2:1-3 Jerad Morey
September 18, 2016 Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost In the Beginning Genesis 1:1-31 Rachel Morey
September 11, 2016 Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost Jubilee: For whom? Leviticus 25:39-46 Jerad Morey
September 4, 2016 Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost Jubilee: For the World Leviticus 25:1-7 Rachel Morey
August 28, 2016 Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost Star Wars: Stop and Stay John 21:15-19 Rachel Morey
August 7, 2016 Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost Team Captain, Team Iron man, Team Jesus Isaiah 1:10-20 Jerad Morey
July 31, 2016 Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost What matters more? What we believe or how we believe? Romans 3:27 Rachel Morey
July 24, 2016 Tenth Sunday after Pentecost If there is one God, why are there so many religions? Rachel Morey
July 17, 2016 Ninth Sunday after Pentecost What does a disciple do? Colossians 1:15-28, John 15:5-8 Gordon Orde
July 3, 2016 Seventh Sunday after Pentecost What happens after we die? I Thessalonians 4:13-18 Rachel Morey
June 26, 2016 Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Can I be Christian without going to church? John 15:12-17 Jerad Morey