Come to the Table

Come to the Table
Starting with our kick-off on September 24, you will have three worship services to choose from at church! There will be:
  • Worship at 9:00am Sunday mornings in the Sanctuary
  • Worship at 10:45am Sunday mornings in the Sanctuary
  • Worship at 6:30pm Wednesday evenings in the Multipurpose Room
Our Wednesday evening worship service will follow the Super Wednesday meals and last approximately 30 minutes including music, a message and communion every week. Other programming will be scheduled to start at 7.
A few other changes will follow from this. The first is that Sunday School will begin at 9:30, with children being sent from the first service after the children's message to be with their teachers. Families who want their children to attend a full worship service will be invited to bring them to Sunday School at 9:30 and then attend 10:45 service. The adult forum will still be between services, about 10:05 - 10:40.